Should we have a wedding film?

Continue reading to find out if booking a wedding videographer is the right decision for you! Choosing whether or not to have a wedding film could be the best decision you make when planning your wedding and ‘should we have a wedding film?’ is a question that a lot of couples are asking. Yet booking […]

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How Will A Promo Film Help My Business?

The thought of a getting a promotional or promo film for your business can be a daunting thought with many common questions popping up; What actually is a promotional film? How will a promo film help your business? Do I need one?  I’ve already got photos on my website! I’m not an actor! It will […]

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What is a Keepsake film?

If, like us, your parents kept a box of old VHS tapes that showed shaky footage of you outside playing, well, until Dad taped over them with the FA cup final and other sporting moments (true story). Then you already know what a keepsake film is. A keepsake film is a professional home movie. Families […]

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