What is a Keepsake film?

If, like us, your parents kept a box of old VHS tapes that showed shaky footage of you outside playing, well, until Dad taped over them with the FA cup final and other sporting moments (true story). Then you already know what a keepsake film is.

A keepsake film is a professional home movie.

Families are realising the significance of keepsake or family films as they are otherwise known. Whether it captures your little ones playing outside, the family retriever jumping in the lake or just a countryside walk in your wellies. Whatever the plan, a keepsake film is sure to bring laughter and tears to be watched over and over again in HD.

Why a film?

We’ve all got a phone filled with memories to last a lifetime but you’ve never experienced these memories from someone else’s perspective. This is what we find so fascinating when creating keepsake films here at Coastline films. 

It gives you a completely different viewpoint on your own special moments whilst keeping the feeling of the day and enhancing the all-round atmosphere with the addition of specifically chosen music.

A keepsake film brings a sense of nostalgia. Ultimately, it is a story that you create!

Something that can’t be brought to life in an image but only through film. Your adventures and memories captured through a lens from an outside perspective and that is what makes them so special.

How are keepsake films different from photos?

Filming a family is a lot different to photographing them.

We only capture the candid moments and you hardly know we are there during filming.

The subject of the film is you but the story is yours to create as there are no prompts or poses, only natural, honest moments caught on film.

The keepsake film is designed to capture the moment as it happened and therefore, if we stopped to ask you to do something differently, the organic beauty of that moment would be lost. We also want to capture the laughter and sounds throughout the day which is why our keepsake films are made in a documentary style with only the location planned in advance.

What is a keepsake film going to cost?

As a Keepsake film is a professionally produced short film capturing the natural moments as they happen and so, with this in mind, we have created not one, but two keepsake film packages which have been designed to cater for the majority of requirements. However, there is no limit or guide as to what these films can include and we believe Keepsake films should be available to everyone and this is why we are more than happy to discuss a bespoke package to meet any budget or requirement.

When to book a keepsake film?

Have you pinched yourself recently? staggered by the fact that your little one is growing up too quickly or perhaps you’ve been rubbing your stomach, looking forward to the day you finally get introduced to the little wonder inside of you or maybe you’re sat enjoying a cappuccino with your parents and notice the amount of stories and history their hands seem to tell.

All of these are reasons to book a keepsake film with us at Coastline films.

What is a keepsake film supposed to include anyway? There is no set answer for what a keepsake film should include. Here at coastline films we believe a keepsake film can include anything you wish to keep close to you that you will want to watch over and over again.

Don’t wait until the day when you wonder where the time has gone. That is exactly why we want to help capture those special moments in time, to bring back the forgotten memories for you. The smells, sounds, even the weather will flood back as you as you relive the moments highlighted in your bespoke Keepsake film.

Series of keepsake films

Keepsake films don’t have to just be a one off, they could be a series of different events or moments you want captured professionally and made into a beautifully crafted series keepsake films. Such as; the early years of your little one, a family holiday, perhaps you want to get your parents the gift of having a keepsake film made for their wedding anniversary.

The great thing about a keepsake film is that the possibilities are endless. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and enquire or to book your keepsake film in now.