Should we have a wedding film?

Continue reading to find out if booking a wedding videographer is the right decision for you!

Choosing whether or not to have a wedding film could be the best decision you make when planning your wedding and ‘should we have a wedding film?’ is a question that a lot of couples are asking. Yet booking a videographer is usually one of the last pieces of the wedding puzzle that couples tend to think of or commit to booking. Common reasons for holding out being ‘we need to check our budget’ or ‘We’ve got a photographer so do we need a videographer’. Needless to say, having a wedding film is not for every couple, but for the couples on the fence of whether or not to book a videographer, read on to find out the answer to the question – should we have a wedding film? 

So why is having a wedding film so important?

As you’ve probably been told by everyone and their Aunt, the day itself will go by in flash. Going from the “I DO’s” to the “I do…not remember that” as your memories of the day may become fuzzy. You simply cannot be everywhere and with everyone at once. This is where the videographer comes in. 

Having a videographer means you can relax and enjoy the day. leaving the videographer to capture the day. From hilarious dad dancing to tears of joy during the ceremony. Nothing quite captures the atmosphere of the day like a wedding film that you can then re-watch over and over to relive the magic of the day.

Will we regret not having a wedding film?

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard ‘I wish we had our wedding filmed’ – Having a wedding film still seems to be treated as more of a luxury than a necessity and although the majority of couples opt to have a photographer present at their wedding, not everyone is currently choosing to have a wedding film made. 

What is a wedding film?

With an array of expert Videographers, each with different styles and packages to choose from, the premise of a wedding film does what it says on the tin, a film of your wedding. There are often additional features up for grabs, such as ceremony films, speeches in full, highlight films but the main film is a cinematic film of your wedding. 

Often shot in a documentary style, that doesn’t mean that Louis Theroux will turn up to ask a load of awkward questions, but the videographer will float around the wedding, capturing the day as it happens. Whilst maintaining a focus on the happy couple being careful to not interrupt the flow of the day.

A wedding film offers a completely different perspective of the day than a photographer. A film shows the candid moments as they happen, the emotion and humour surrounding the joyous occasion. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, then a video is a thousand photographs…

But I don’t like seeing myself on camera?

This is a really common question we get asked by many couples but a filmmakers approach to wedding films should not encroach on the day. With wedding films being a documentary-style film, this means that there won’t need to be any posed shots, jut the naturally candid moments captured throughout the day. Simply enjoy your day and you’ll soon forget a camera is aimed at you.

A wedding should be a day to remember and now it can be a day to re-watch over and over again.

After putting so much planning into your wedding, it would be a shame to let all of the tiny details fade from your memory and that is why you should have a wedding film.

It’s not in our budget

One of the reasons couples often ask whether they should have a wedding film is budget related. Yet with wedding videographers now offering so many different packages and even bespoke packages, there is sure to be an option for the majority of couples. Some videographers even offer photo and film combination packages. You should look out on social media platforms for any offers or discounts. Going cheap doesn’t necessarily mean the film will be bad. Each videographer will have a unique style and it’s often about choosing a style you like rather than looking at the cost. So do your research and watch different films to find a style that suits you. Videographers will use an array of equipment with some using drones and gimbals and the cost will reflect this so it is worthwhile to ask yourself what you are looking for in a wedding film.

Ultimately, a wedding film isn’t for everyone but if you’re sat on the fence or are asking ‘should we have a wedding film’.  Then do your research, shop around, talk to different videographers as a professional wedding film will capture the emotions and atmosphere of the day giving you the chance to revisit those moments whenever you want.

You can watch it with friends and family, look back at when the kids were young or maybe it will help you remember loved ones.

You won’t regret choosing to have a wedding film, but you may regret not having one.