I don’t like having my photo taken, will this affect the wedding film?

We completely understand this feeling, hence why we are the other side of the lens. Our entire approach to wedding films is not to encroach on your special day, in fact, we won’t look any different to one of your guests. Gone are the days when video-cameras were the size of a small dog, the cameras we tend to use are compact DSLRs chosen to be as unobtrusive as possible. Our wedding films are usually shot in a documentary style and this means we don’t need you to pose for the camera and we believe the best shots are the naturally candid moments captured throughout the day. Simply enjoy your day and you’ll soon forget we are there. In fact, the only times you’ll know we are there will be when we meet in the morning and when we come up to you after we’ve finished.

Do you offer photography?

Yes, we have recently launched our combined film and photo ‘Studland’ Package as well as the pre-engagement ‘Kimmeridge and Ringstead’ Packages.

How far will you travel?

We are based in Dorset but work throughout the UK and beyond... although travel expenses may apply dependant on location.

Do you charge for travelling?

We don’t usually charge for travelling to weddings in the UK but it does depend on how far we have to travel, however, we will always discuss if this is relevant. For overseas and destination weddings, we ask that flight and transfer costs are covered along with a room for the duration, we never charge an additional fee for travel time.

Do you need to visit the venue beforehand?

No, I do usually visit the venue with the couple beforehand to discuss any ideas you may have, but our films focus on the people, story and day itself. The venue, as beautiful as it will be, is simply the backdrop for the film. There will be establishing and scene setting shots but the majority of the film will focus on the people involved and story of the day.

What cameras do you use?

We use a range of high end Canon DSLRs.

What time do you stay until?

We don’t give a set finish time, because ultimately we love capturing every special moment and the film definitely needs to include some crazy dance moves. The finish time varies from wedding to wedding and it depends on what time the day begins. But the rule of thumb we follow is to find the fine line between the guests having a great time and a really great time. We usually finish between 8.30-10pm however, we will always discuss this with you beforehand.

Can we choose the music for our film?

We will always welcome suggestions and will do our best to work with your ideas. However, to use music in a wedding film it must be licenced and we shall select the music based on the feeling and atmosphere of the day. Picking the music can be time consuming and has to be perfect in order to compliment the look and feel of the final film.

How long will our film be?

That completely depends on the package that you choose. Each of our packages has been specifically tailored to suit different budgets and requirements. However, we always love to discuss any specific ideas you have and are able to create bespoke packages upon request.

When will we receive our wedding film?

We will always aim to deliver the finished film to you within 6 weeks.

Do we need to meet beforehand?

We don’t need to meet however, we tell all our couples that you aren’t just buying a wedding film but hiring the videographer and that is why we like to meet for a coffee beforehand. This is also the perfect time to talk through any ideas you may have. however, sometimes this may not be possible with distance and busy schedules and therefore, we find that a skype, zoom or phone call work just as well to introduce ourselves and put a face to a name. We will also supply you with our telephone number to be on hand for any questions, requirements or wishes you may have and we’ll have a catch up shortly before the big day to check on timings.

How do we book?

To secure your date, we simply require our booking form to be completed and a 30% deposit to be paid. Ultimately, we know how stressful weddings can be and this is why we only require a 30% deposit to secure your date and then the remaining balance to be paid once you have received the final film.

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